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The passionate, holistic Tarascon Health team work hard to deliver powerful, sustainable results for guests. The outstanding results from our amazing guests and their positive reviews sent through are a testament to the team’s hard work, enthusiasm, and holistic healing approach.

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I leave the halls of wellness and health which has made my 6 weeks at Tarascon so life changing both physically, and spiritually. I feel that I have been born again at 54 years old, into a new plane of happiness and purpose, whilst also making life-long friends in you all. I could hardly walk, was depressed and psychologically unwell, still I set at attacking the activities at hand. The professional staff you have gathered in this special place speaks for itself. I am the recipient of great care from all of your staff, from the wonderful Dr. Wang to the beautiful Lani (who picked me up off the ground when I had fallen down on our first walk together along the river to the race track, saying that by next week I would make it all the way, and I did!) and who’s voice still sings in my head. Lani is a great example of the faith you put in people to pick themselves up and get on with it. She is a credit to you both.  I will do my utmost to be an excellent Mentor for Marco in Japanese language, Kendo and respect for his mother and family. I feel that I have made life-long friends, as I have said, therefore please don’t hesitate to ask me for any help you may need in your work with Tarascon. I will be there! Thank you very much. Humbly, your student.

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I went to Tarascon for two weeks. I was very skeptical when my friend booked me in, I didn’t think anyone could help me within such a short space of time. I had severe depression and menopausal symptoms going on for 7 years and thought that I had to live with it, I am so glad that I had the courage to ask for help.

I have been at home now for three weeks, and have kept up with my daily routine and am going from strength to strength, my whole family is so proud of me but most importantly I am proud of myself!

Taking the first step was hard but I will never look back, I am my old self again.

I wish to thank all the staff for all their understanding and support, they really get results in the way they do things and everything is natural, no more prescription drugs for me! There will always be a special place in my heart for each and every one of them.

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I am writing to pass on my heartfelt appreciation to all the kind and wonderful team members at Tarascon. My name is Lee and I am the mother of Rikki who has just had the privilege of being invited to attend Tarascon.

I live near Bundaberg in QLD and haven’t seen Rikki since the beginning of February this year.

When Rikki’s oldest sister Tara told me that Rik was arising at 5am in the morning and eating oatmeal for breakfast I cried tears of joy, when she told me that she was willingly attending counselling and eating fruit and vegetables I bawled my eyes out. I received a phone call from Rikki after her second week at Tarascon and I was delighted to hear a measure of joy in her voice.

I called Rikki this morning at 8am and got to speak to her!! Before attending your programme I couldn’t phone her before 3 pm as she was still in bed.

Thank you so much for opening the door and giving my girl a glimpse of a way forward from the heartache. Thank you for giving me hope that she will be able to move forward with her life instead of my constant fear of a phone call that she had ended it.

Your kindness has overwhelmed me.

A sincere thank you from an extremely grateful mum.

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How do I even begin to put into words the gratitude and love I feel for all you’ve done for me? From the first contact I had with Innisfree I was never let down. I knew you all understood me and felt the empathy I was so desperately searching for. You quickly came to understand me better than I understood myself. You pushed me when I needed to be pushed, you nurtured and gave me strength when you knew I needed it, always willingly, and your unswerving devotion to getting Allana back gave me faith that it was, in fact possible to do so. Thankyou. You cannot begin to know how grateful I am for the MASSIVE part you’ve played in helping me to find myself, but a better, improved version.

To all of you, my endless gratitude for providing a place like Tarascon. When I walked through your doors I was a shadow.. An extra in my own life. I’d lost all faith and all hope that I had any chances left. This place was my last desperate hope and became my saviour. You gave me the safest possible environment to get better and it wouldn’t have been possible anywhere else. I firmly believe that. Tarascon is inpiring, and special.. I don’t believe there is anywhere else that could compare.

You’ve all taught me to love and believe in myself and who I am. You’ve in turns inspired, supported and encouraged me and you had faith in me even when I didn’t. All my love and deepest gratitude. I am ready to face the world again with my eyes and my heart wide open. Thank you.

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Funny! The last night here is the one I have woken up and have so many thoughts running through my head that I can’t sleep. I am excited and peaceful at the same time. I have an overwhelming urge to get in my car and head home to a new and exciting time in my life! The words of my friend Rachel who died a couple of months ago to all at her funeral “kick arse” keep coming to me and make me smile. This week has been one of the most important and special experiences I have had. I feel it has helped me in a process of transformation and brought me out and over the edge of some very difficult times I have lived through in the past 10 years. There is more I have to do to reap the benefits of my life experiences and the things I have learnt this week. This will be an ongoing and important part of the future as well, because new experiences and challenges will continually arise. Without these you aren’t living, whether they are good or bad. Embrace the good and enjoy. Face the bad and learn. Most importantly, don’t hide from your emotions, but let them flow and embrace them. My experience with Tarascon started in November of last year when my wife was here and has continued his week for me. I want to thank Tarascon for fitting me into an obviously busy schedule at short notice. The people I have met and the stories we have shared have been and will always be an important part of me, and I hope I have helped others as well during my stay here. The Reiki session was, and I think will remain, one of the most powerful experiences for me. She has looked deep into me and unlocked, or helped me crystallise some important emotions and issues I have to deal with. The strength I get is that these are not necessarily major changes but important ones which I feel I can do now. My other experiences with all the Tarascon staff have also reinforced where I am at and that the journey from here won’t be that hard. If there was an Tarascon here many years ago it would have helped me at much lower points. Thank you again to all the staff and people staying at Tarascon for their love, support, friendship and care during my short time here. For those who continue or are starting their experiences with Tarascon, I assure you there is no better place. I will be thinking of you all and wish you a wonderful life!

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So it’s been about two months since my visit to the wonderful sanctuary you have created ‘Tarascon.’ Since leaving Tarascon I have managed to keep my anxiety under control, I eat three meals a day. My sleeping habits are slowly but surely returning to normal and I have returned back to full-time work. As you may already know, Aksel and I see Dr. Wang every Friday night, and I have taken Mandy’s advice about reserving a “date night” for Aksel and I. Friday nights now include a little acupuncture with a twist of acupressure, a sprinkling of Chinese herbs followed by a romantic dinner for two in the city. I don’t think you guys realise just how special you are. I entered Tarascon a very scared and anxious girl, unable to accept the events in my life that caused me to fall into what seemed like a bottomless pit of despair. I stupidly put my trust in a Medical Doctor whose answers for me were pills to relax, pills to sleep, and pills to wake up. (No wonder I was so messed up!) I spent many hours in the Hammock at Tarascon unable to picture my life ever being normal again, scared that no one would be able to help me and afraid of what the future held. All I wanted was constant reassurance that everything was going to be ok and I wasn’t going crazy. (I know I was pretty demanding, but you guys always had time to sit with me and calm my nerves.) Looking back now I know that you had a plan for me as you do for everyone that enters your doors. The therapies, the food, the advice, the surroundings, the activities, the love and warmth are all part of the bigger picture. One of your greatest gifts to me was empowerment. You empowered me to use my own skills to fight and keep on fighting (The answers were always within me.) I am better educated now when it comes to physical and mental health issues and am very cautious about what I put into my body (All natural stuff for me now!) I would often look on the walls of Mandy’s office admiring the letters of gratitude from past patients. I was often envious of other people’s happiness because at times I was unable to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I never thought my time would come to write my own thank you, but it did… And here I sit now, in my classroom, 3kgs heavier, a smile on my face, heart not racing, no anxiety, able to smile at the world, looking forward to falling pregnant again with the help of Dr. Wang, loving my husband and family, plans to travel at the end of the year. Dinner with friends, movies, lazy weekends and nice memories of my girls Ayla and Elis… All thanks to Tarascon! What an experience… What a place.

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It has been 6 months since I stayed 2 weeks at Tarascon and life has never been better. It took me years to admit that I needed help, I had always falsely considered myself a fiercely independent and strong woman who knew so much better than anyone else what was best for me. I also knew alcohol dependance was an issue, but I stubbornly justified my continual over-consumption for almost 20 years. I used every excuse in the book to continue with my addiction until I could no longer cope with the constant and damaging emotional and physical roller-coaster ride that was my life.

I walked into Tarascon defeated, overworked, stressed out, lacking in purpose and using alcohol to temporarily ‘block out’ even the smallest of life’s set-backs. I left Tarascon a ‘whole’ person with renewed self-esteem, better health, effective life-skill tools to replace my addiction and with a very clear direction for my life.

Life and work still gets stressful at times that is one thing that will always remain the same. With the tools I received at Tarascon it has enabled me to be able to see my place in the world in a whole new light and bring a new perspective on how to cope and move on from life’s challenges, without feeling the desire to drown them out at the bottom of a wine bottle. It has also been a huge emotional release being able to go to social functions and not wake up the next day wondering “What did I say, what did I do?”, I now know exactly what I say and do at such functions and it’s a wonderful feeling.

I have been completely free from my addiction for the last 6 months, which is something before Tarascon I never thought I would ever be able to achieve. It has made me a much better friend, businesswoman and wife to be living as a sober, contented and clear-headed individual.

I will be forever grateful to the amazing team of truly insightful and highly skilled professionals at Tarascon for having built such a haven for anyone seeking personal growth and recovery from addiction and especially for helping me get off my roller-coaster.

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I spent three weeks at Tarascon  and would like to say that it was the most rewarding time in my life. I never had a future before then and did not look forward to life or think that I deserved one. I was carrying guilt and burden for past doings for thirty years and addiction problems for the same time, but thanks to all the people at Tarascon not only do I have a future to look forward to every single minute of everyday, I now let my light shine on all that come into my life.

I don’t know how I can ever repay them for what they have done for me, all I know is that if the world had more people like them it would truly be a much better place. They will forever be in my heart and I cannot praise them and the way they do things enough. I recommend Tarascon to anyone that needs some help to find out who they really are. Thank you. I am forever in your debt for giving me and my family such a wonderful life.

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Just wanted to say I had a very good time at Tarascon and that I appreciated all the help and support given me to make me a better person. I was lost and not in control of myself but over the weeks of being here at Tarascon I have recovered and found the inner me and now I know where I stand with a clear mind and a bright future ahead of me with a good pathway and in control of myself and mind. You are all very wonderful and beautiful people with a very clean and good heart. You taught me how to overcome things and how to keep things on track. I have learned that the options I have chosen in the past weren’t the right options to choose and now I know what to do and not to go back to those options. I know that it’s easy to say but hard to do in reality but thanks to you I have learned how to work around that Tarascon was a good experience for me and I won’t be leaving here with any regrets or negative thoughts. I will be leaving with motivation, belief in myself and positive thinking.  Thank you all for your time and support and for believing in me. You will be missed.

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I would just like to say thank you so much for returning my son in such fine condition. He jumped off the plane last Friday and I couldn’t believe the transformation, he was walking so straight and tall, his eyes were bluer than I can ever remember and I was just amazed. I am a very practical person and wanted so much for this to work, but quite honestly I had reservations as we have been going through this cycle for a lot of years. It’s almost a week now and although yes, we are all treading somewhat tentatively (As he has had plenty of temptation already thrown his way and a certain amount of pressure placed on him from various sources who probably think after 6 weeks it’s all just fixed and it’s their turn now (if only it were that simple,)) but I know he has genuinely changed for the better. He has been very honest and open and for the first time in ages is really happy. I am so grateful to you Mike, and your wonderful team, we are all going to have a great Christmas thanks to you. I have been saying to Daniel for a few years now that there is someone out there who can show him the way out of this terrible place and Tarascon certainly has. I know he is going to face challenges along the way but we have real faith and hope now that he has the tools to deal with those challenges, and as a parent all you can ever ask for is that your children be happy and good to other people. You have made that a real possibility for my son so I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. You have truly granted my biggest wish.