How do I even begin to put into words the gratitude and love I feel for all you’ve done for me? From the first contact I had with Innisfree I was never let down. I knew you all understood me and felt the empathy I was so desperately searching for. You quickly came to understand me better than I understood myself. You pushed me when I needed to be pushed, you nurtured and gave me strength when you knew I needed it, always willingly, and your unswerving devotion to getting Allana back gave me faith that it was, in fact possible to do so. Thankyou. You cannot begin to know how grateful I am for the MASSIVE part you’ve played in helping me to find myself, but a better, improved version.

To all of you, my endless gratitude for providing a place like Tarascon. When I walked through your doors I was a shadow.. An extra in my own life. I’d lost all faith and all hope that I had any chances left. This place was my last desperate hope and became my saviour. You gave me the safest possible environment to get better and it wouldn’t have been possible anywhere else. I firmly believe that. Tarascon is inpiring, and special.. I don’t believe there is anywhere else that could compare.

You’ve all taught me to love and believe in myself and who I am. You’ve in turns inspired, supported and encouraged me and you had faith in me even when I didn’t. All my love and deepest gratitude. I am ready to face the world again with my eyes and my heart wide open. Thank you.