I would just like to say thank you so much for returning my son in such fine condition. He jumped off the plane last Friday and I couldn’t believe the transformation, he was walking so straight and tall, his eyes were bluer than I can ever remember and I was just amazed. I am a very practical person and wanted so much for this to work, but quite honestly I had reservations as we have been going through this cycle for a lot of years. It’s almost a week now and although yes, we are all treading somewhat tentatively (As he has had plenty of temptation already thrown his way and a certain amount of pressure placed on him from various sources who probably think after 6 weeks it’s all just fixed and it’s their turn now (if only it were that simple,)) but I know he has genuinely changed for the better. He has been very honest and open and for the first time in ages is really happy. I am so grateful to you Mike, and your wonderful team, we are all going to have a great Christmas thanks to you. I have been saying to Daniel for a few years now that there is someone out there who can show him the way out of this terrible place and Tarascon certainly has. I know he is going to face challenges along the way but we have real faith and hope now that he has the tools to deal with those challenges, and as a parent all you can ever ask for is that your children be happy and good to other people. You have made that a real possibility for my son so I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. You have truly granted my biggest wish.