Just wanted to say I had a very good time at Tarascon and that I appreciated all the help and support given me to make me a better person. I was lost and not in control of myself but over the weeks of being here at Tarascon I have recovered and found the inner me and now I know where I stand with a clear mind and a bright future ahead of me with a good pathway and in control of myself and mind. You are all very wonderful and beautiful people with a very clean and good heart. You taught me how to overcome things and how to keep things on track. I have learned that the options I have chosen in the past weren’t the right options to choose and now I know what to do and not to go back to those options. I know that it’s easy to say but hard to do in reality but thanks to you I have learned how to work around that Tarascon was a good experience for me and I won’t be leaving here with any regrets or negative thoughts. I will be leaving with motivation, belief in myself and positive thinking.  Thank you all for your time and support and for believing in me. You will be missed.