I leave the halls of wellness and health which has made my 6 weeks at Tarascon so life changing both physically, and spiritually. I feel that I have been born again at 54 years old, into a new plane of happiness and purpose, whilst also making life-long friends in you all. I could hardly walk, was depressed and psychologically unwell, still I set at attacking the activities at hand. The professional staff you have gathered in this special place speaks for itself. I am the recipient of great care from all of your staff, from the wonderful Dr. Wang to the beautiful Lani (who picked me up off the ground when I had fallen down on our first walk together along the river to the race track, saying that by next week I would make it all the way, and I did!) and who’s voice still sings in my head. Lani is a great example of the faith you put in people to pick themselves up and get on with it. She is a credit to you both.  I will do my utmost to be an excellent Mentor for Marco in Japanese language, Kendo and respect for his mother and family. I feel that I have made life-long friends, as I have said, therefore please don’t hesitate to ask me for any help you may need in your work with Tarascon. I will be there! Thank you very much. Humbly, your student.