I am writing to pass on my heartfelt appreciation to all the kind and wonderful team members at Tarascon. My name is Lee and I am the mother of Rikki who has just had the privilege of being invited to attend Tarascon.

I live near Bundaberg in QLD and haven’t seen Rikki since the beginning of February this year.

When Rikki’s oldest sister Tara told me that Rik was arising at 5am in the morning and eating oatmeal for breakfast I cried tears of joy, when she told me that she was willingly attending counselling and eating fruit and vegetables I bawled my eyes out. I received a phone call from Rikki after her second week at Tarascon and I was delighted to hear a measure of joy in her voice.

I called Rikki this morning at 8am and got to speak to her!! Before attending your programme I couldn’t phone her before 3 pm as she was still in bed.

Thank you so much for opening the door and giving my girl a glimpse of a way forward from the heartache. Thank you for giving me hope that she will be able to move forward with her life instead of my constant fear of a phone call that she had ended it.

Your kindness has overwhelmed me.

A sincere thank you from an extremely grateful mum.