So it’s been about two months since my visit to the wonderful sanctuary you have created ‘Tarascon.’ Since leaving Tarascon I have managed to keep my anxiety under control, I eat three meals a day. My sleeping habits are slowly but surely returning to normal and I have returned back to full-time work. As you may already know, Aksel and I see Dr. Wang every Friday night, and I have taken Mandy’s advice about reserving a “date night” for Aksel and I. Friday nights now include a little acupuncture with a twist of acupressure, a sprinkling of Chinese herbs followed by a romantic dinner for two in the city. I don’t think you guys realise just how special you are. I entered Tarascon a very scared and anxious girl, unable to accept the events in my life that caused me to fall into what seemed like a bottomless pit of despair. I stupidly put my trust in a Medical Doctor whose answers for me were pills to relax, pills to sleep, and pills to wake up. (No wonder I was so messed up!) I spent many hours in the Hammock at Tarascon unable to picture my life ever being normal again, scared that no one would be able to help me and afraid of what the future held. All I wanted was constant reassurance that everything was going to be ok and I wasn’t going crazy. (I know I was pretty demanding, but you guys always had time to sit with me and calm my nerves.) Looking back now I know that you had a plan for me as you do for everyone that enters your doors. The therapies, the food, the advice, the surroundings, the activities, the love and warmth are all part of the bigger picture. One of your greatest gifts to me was empowerment. You empowered me to use my own skills to fight and keep on fighting (The answers were always within me.) I am better educated now when it comes to physical and mental health issues and am very cautious about what I put into my body (All natural stuff for me now!) I would often look on the walls of Mandy’s office admiring the letters of gratitude from past patients. I was often envious of other people’s happiness because at times I was unable to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I never thought my time would come to write my own thank you, but it did… And here I sit now, in my classroom, 3kgs heavier, a smile on my face, heart not racing, no anxiety, able to smile at the world, looking forward to falling pregnant again with the help of Dr. Wang, loving my husband and family, plans to travel at the end of the year. Dinner with friends, movies, lazy weekends and nice memories of my girls Ayla and Elis… All thanks to Tarascon! What an experience… What a place.