Funny! The last night here is the one I have woken up and have so many thoughts running through my head that I can’t sleep. I am excited and peaceful at the same time. I have an overwhelming urge to get in my car and head home to a new and exciting time in my life! The words of my friend Rachel who died a couple of months ago to all at her funeral “kick arse” keep coming to me and make me smile. This week has been one of the most important and special experiences I have had. I feel it has helped me in a process of transformation and brought me out and over the edge of some very difficult times I have lived through in the past 10 years. There is more I have to do to reap the benefits of my life experiences and the things I have learnt this week. This will be an ongoing and important part of the future as well, because new experiences and challenges will continually arise. Without these you aren’t living, whether they are good or bad. Embrace the good and enjoy. Face the bad and learn. Most importantly, don’t hide from your emotions, but let them flow and embrace them. My experience with Tarascon started in November of last year when my wife was here and has continued his week for me. I want to thank Tarascon for fitting me into an obviously busy schedule at short notice. The people I have met and the stories we have shared have been and will always be an important part of me, and I hope I have helped others as well during my stay here. The Reiki session was, and I think will remain, one of the most powerful experiences for me. She has looked deep into me and unlocked, or helped me crystallise some important emotions and issues I have to deal with. The strength I get is that these are not necessarily major changes but important ones which I feel I can do now. My other experiences with all the Tarascon staff have also reinforced where I am at and that the journey from here won’t be that hard. If there was an Tarascon here many years ago it would have helped me at much lower points. Thank you again to all the staff and people staying at Tarascon for their love, support, friendship and care during my short time here. For those who continue or are starting their experiences with Tarascon, I assure you there is no better place. I will be thinking of you all and wish you a wonderful life!