You know that I am the most positive person, when it comes to any program that will assist any individual in turmoil to become well, and discover a sense of self worth.

Tarascon, is a whole health repair and recovery, purpose built wellness centre.

The owners are not only professional, but the most sincere, caring people you could hope to meet.

As I walked around this wonderful retreat, I immediately felt at peace, as though my troubles were somewhere else, it is most beautiful, modern, and offers so much.

I was fortunate enough to start my journey to good health, with some acupuncture with a wonderful Chinese herbalist doctor, I had never had this before, but this evening I can honestly say I feel great, I have managed to stop taking the many antidepressants that I have needed to take, and start on my herbs.

I believe that my life is just starting, and the abuse of my past will be helped along by these nurturing people.

I encourage any ASCA member to contact Tarascon, and participate in your program.