Business Address Daylesford, Victoria

Business phone 1300 780 364

We’re Here To Help

We like to work with you to find the best possible solution for your situation. We always welcome a phone conversation to learn more about what you’re struggling with, and potential treatment/length of stay details.

For quite a few guests, money is not always readily available for treatment, which is why we’ve partnered with MacCredit. We want to reduce and remove as many barriers preventing you from getting adequate treatment.

Your Payment Plan Through MacCredit

We’ve partnered up with MacCredit to ensure money is not holding you back from getting adequate assistance. You’ll be offered flexible payment plans from $4,000 with flexible repayments over a maximum of 7 years.

To gain a credit assessment, understanding lending criteria or apply, medicredit can be contacted online or on 1300 884 355.


Your All-Inclusive Program, Zero Hidden Costs

Our comprehensive programs range from 7 days to 8 weeks, and will determine the cost of your stay. The cost of your stay is all-inclusive and covers accommodation, all meals, natural herbs and supplements, multiple treatment sessions every day and a variety of classes from meditation and yoga to Tai Chi and Transformational Weight Training.

Lets Chat

Picking up the phone to talk is often the most difficult part, but we’re here to help in every way we can.

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