Business Address Daylesford, Victoria

Business phone 1300 780 364

The Beginnings of Tarascon Health

Tarascon Health formerly Innisfree, was established in 2009 to offer a safe and supportive healing environment for those struggling with mental health issues. Rather than turning to a standardised medicinal solution, Tarascon Health was built from the belief people should be treated as unique individuals.

The highly experienced therapists at Tarascon Health combined with the fantastic facilities in this Daylesford sanctuary has helped create long-term life-changing happiness in the lives of hundreds of individuals.

A Transformational Process, Unique To You

Unlike other facilities, we recognise that group based therapy is not for everyone and working on underlying issues, one-on-one, has greater long term success with sustainable results.

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 A confidential chat will allow us to learn more about what your going through and how we can help.

Call us now

1300 780 364

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Once we understand your situation, we can recommend a tailored program to nurture positive change to your life.

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You’re welcomed into a Retreat which is a  homely environment, rather than feeling as though you are in a clinic; a safe environment to learn and grow.

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The New You

At the conclusion of your stay, the journey has just begun. You’ll be armed with all the tools and strategies you need to manage life’s challenges.

Our Trusted, Compassionate Team Want To Help

Bringing together more than 100 years experience, Tarascon Health is a holistic health retreat making a real difference to lives everyday. Nestled amongst the beautiful flora and fauna just outside of Daylesford, guests immediately feel comfortable.

The experienced, qualified and compassionate therapists at Tarascon Health are dedicated to supporting you through your darkest days, with a tailor-made one-on-one based program just for you. We use a range of natural therapies, most of which have some foundation in Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as CBT, DBT, ACT, Counselling and other modalities selected to compliment and support one another.