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Researched, Effective Treatment

The Tarascon Health team structure a completely unique program based on your situation, needs and length of stay.  Our treatments do, however, offer some key consistencies, which come back to our core approach and beliefs.

Our Tailor-Made, Holistic Approach

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Chinese Chi Cycle

Your day is structured around the Chi Cycle, which considers the energy residing in your body at any given time, working with this to achieve optimal results throughout the day.

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Rather than offering a standardised treatment plan, we work to understand the individual and their unique circumstances before developing a program specific to the situation.

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We consider all influences in your state of being – mental, physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual – when assessing and treating the individual to ensure complete healing.

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Natural Therapy Integration

We have discovered almost all of our natural therapies work by overlapping, supporting and complimenting one another for a combined stronger result.

The Space to Breath and Facilities to Rehabilitate

Tarascon Health is a private live-in facility set within the magnificent bushland of Porcupine Ridge, right in the heart of Victoria’s famous spa country. Our individual cottages are dotted throughout the property and offer a warm and inviting space, designed to give you complete privacy.

Our treatment centre offers a communal dining room, lounge, meditation/yoga space, gym and 18-hole mini golf course all overlooking the sparkling lake.

The property is abundant with native wildlife; ducks, kookaburras, parrots, cockatoos, wallabies and kangaroos are regular visitors, and you may even spot the resident koala or deer grazing in the bushland.

About the Chi Cycle

The Chinese Chi Cycle is a widely accepted and utilised approach around the world. ‘Chi,’ meaning life force, is the flow of vital energy that sustains all living things. By structuring programs around where energy resides in your body at any particular time, we maximise a better Chi flow and enjoy more energetic, productive and balanced lives.

Guests take advantage of their Chi in the morning by doing physical activity as the body wakes up and moves into the early stages of the morning, where the mind is ready to be activated. After meals, we should rest and we offer a daily 2pm meditation session to support this. People will then feel more awake throughout the afternoon, which is a great time for creative activities.

"Thanks a million, your patience and your kind words and advice have helped me a lot. I will take all advice on board. Words can’t express enough."

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"So it’s been about two months since my visit to the wonderful sanctuary you have created ‘Tarascon.’ Since leaving Tarascon I have managed to keep my anxiety under control, I eat three meals a day. My sleeping habits are slowly but surely returning to normal and I have returned back to full-time work."

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"A big thank you for absolutely everything over the last 3 weeks. This place is magi8cal and has now set me up with a whole new outlook on life. I’m med free and happy! I couldn’t ask for more! I will be definitely be coming back for a visit to say hi so I’ll say see you later; not goodbye. Thanks for all of your support, encouragement, advice and positive vibes. You’re all amazing!"

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"Clayton has expressed everything I would like to say, so I’ll add a special thank you for all the love and support the whole Tarascon family have offered me, and I’ll never forget this place as it’s very special to me in many ways. You’re an inspiration to the world and words can’t express how thankful I am."

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