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At Tarascon Health (formally Innisfree), our clients are our priority.

Unlike other programs, we measure our success not only during our clients stay, we measure it on their life and well-being, long after they have left our facility.

I thought I would share an article that was published by ‘Always Josefa’ in 2013 on one of our clients. Five years later, I am still in contact with this beautiful and most inspiring woman.

Natalie: Picture Perfect

Tarascon Health has so many success stories that you can read in our ‘Client Studies’. Our team of practitioners are proud of what they do and are committed to our clients healing journey.

Josefa states it perfectly:

“Judging a book by its cover can only give you the slightest glimpse into a story. It is always better to take a moment, open the pages and read the story within.